Advantages and Production Considerations of Metal Stamping Parts

Stainless steel stamping parts should be formed into the desired specified shape by using punch and die to deform or destroy stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and other sheet metals and foreign bodies at room temperature. The processing technology of metal stamping parts includes punching, bending, deep drawing, forming, and finishing.

Advantages of stainless steel stamping parts

  • In the process of OEM metal stamping, the die can ensure the size and shape accuracy of the metal stamped parts. Usually, the surface quality of stamped parts is not damaged, and the life of the die is generally longer, so the quality of metal stamping parts is stable.

  • Metal stamping can process parts with larger size range and more complex shapes, such as stopwatch as small as a watch, stopwatch as large as a car longitudinal beam, covering parts, and metal stamping with cold deformation and hardening effect during processing. The strength and rigidity are high.

  • The production efficiency of metal stamping is high, easy to operate, and easy to realize mechanization and automation. This is because metal stamping relies on punching dies and stamping equipment for processing. The number of strokes of ordinary presses can reach dozens of times per minute, and high-speed presses can reach hundreds or even thousands of times per minute, and each punching stroke can punch holes.

  • Metal stamping usually does not produce chips and waste, consumes less material, and does not require other heating devices, so it is a material-saving and energy-saving processing method, and the cost of metal stamping parts is lower.

Precautions in the production of stainless steel stamping parts

  • Install protective devices. In the production of the stainless steel stamping part, stamping equipment must be equipped with safety protection devices to prevent injury accidents caused by operating errors. Various protective devices have different characteristics and usage ranges. If used improperly, injury accidents may still occur. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the functions of various protective devices in order to use them correctly and ensure safe operation.

  • Improve stamping equipment to improve production efficiency and safety. Nowadays, many companies use old hardware stamping equipment operating systems, whose efficiency and accuracy are far below the current market requirements, and there are many unsafe factors due to the old electrical control system. In order to ensure the high efficiency production, accuracy, and operation safety of metal stamping parts, we should update and replace the stamping equipment to improve production efficiency and safety.

  • Improve manufacturing processes to achieve manual operations outside the mold. For batch production operations, we can start from reforming processes and molds to achieve mechanization and automation, such as using automation, multi-station stamping machines, multi-tool and mechanized production equipment, continuous molds, composite molds, and other comprehensive process measures.