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double loop ties
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Double Loop Tie Wire

We can supply various materials, from black annealed wire to bright annealed stainless steel wire. pliable, yet tough; easy to twist, but hard to break.


Features of Double Loop Tie Wire

Reinforcing bars must be secured to prevent displacement. Displacement is critical to a structure’s performance.  Our loop end wire ties provide flexibility to tie various rod sizes and easy-to-twist handling. 

Specifications of Double Loop Tie Wire

Wire Gauge Size8910111213141516171819202122
SWG (mm)4.053.663.252.952.642.342.031.831.631.421.221.020.910.810.71
BWG (mm)4.193.763.43.052.772.412.111.831.651.471.251.070.840.810.71

Application of Double Loop Tie Wire

application of double loop tie wire
double loop galvanized steel wire ties
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