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Touch Spring

Touch springs, also known as induction springs, are dedicated touch buttons that are dedicated to capacitive and single-chip touch chip solutions. The touch button detects the change of the capacitance caused by the human touch through the charging/discharging time of the resistance-capacitance network formed by the capacitance CX of the resistor and the sensing electrode, thereby detecting the state of the control button and realizing the functions of the touch button. These micro springs are widely used in a range of consumer electronics, black and white, white electricity, kitchen appliances, and other products.


Specifications of Touch Spring

MaterialStainless steel wire, carbon steel wire, Nickel coated wire,
Wire Diameter0.15mm-4.0mm and above
Plate O.D8mm to 19mm
Total CoilsThe total number of coils including the active coils, the top and bottom ends.
Active CoilsThe coils which are free to deflect under a force.
Free LengthThe overall length of a spring in the unloaded position
LoadOur computer program can assist you on the load design
Style of EndsOpen / Closed / Ground
Surface FinishNickel, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Tin, Chromium, Yellow Zinc, Oxide black, White and Blue zinc or Customized
ApplicationsAerospace, Industrial, Medical applications, Automotive applications, Household appliances, Electronic, Toys, Hardware tool.
CertificationISO9000, ISO14000, ROHS, SGS

Application of Touch Spring

non standard bolts
non standard fasteners
non standard fasteners
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