CNC Machining Parts of Different Materials

Stainless Steel Parts
Stainless Steel Parts Best CNC Machining Service For Custom Small Steel Parts Stainless Steel Parts
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Aluminum Parts
Factory CNC metal aluminum parts machining service cheap metal fabrication supplier
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CNC Turning Parts
CNC turning machined low roughness and high precision stainless steel shaft custom fabrication services
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CNC Milling Parts
Best CNC Factory Custom Aluminum Part CNC Milling Service Black Anodized Aluminum CNC Part
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Cutting Machine Parts
Custom Precision Acrylic Laser Cutting Part CNC Machining Service For Glasses Frames Laser
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Laser Engraving Parts
ODM Black Precision Machining CNC Aluminum Part with Laser Engraving Anodized Service
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Stainless Steel Thread Fittings
OEM CNC Stainless Steel Thread Fittings Custom Aluminum Screws Cheap Machining Service
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Threaded Parts
CNC Metal Part With Drilling Service Precision CNC Threaded Parts
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CNC Parts
Direct Factory Price Custom Metal Fabrication Service Sprecision CNC Turning Milling Machining Parts
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Alloy Parts
CNC Metal High Precision Customized Aluminum Alloy Machining Turning Parts Manufacturer
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CNC Groove Parts
Custom CNC Groove Precision Metal Aluminium Milling Parts with Assembly Service
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Aluminum Custom Part Anodized
Atlas metal offers one-stop service to all the clients that helps them complete their project, with machining precision kept within +-0.005mm.
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Alloy Casting Parts
Custom precision manufacturing service aluminium alloy casting products cnc machining turning and milling parts
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CNC Precision Automatic Lathe
Custom High Precision Cnc Auto Lathe Turning Milling Machining Aluminum Parts Service
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Precision CNC Parts
Custom High Precision CNC Auto Lathe Turning Milling Machining Aluminum Parts Service
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Laser Engraving Products
Laser Engraving Logo Service Cnc Machining Service for Motorcycle Parts
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CNC Machining Metal Parts Applications

CNC milling is a process of cutting parts using a machine that performs the cuts with high accuracy and speed. The main application areas of CNC milling are in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and manufacturing industries. CNC mills have revolutionized the way parts are made. They can create CNC milling parts with extremely high precision and quality.

Used in Aerospace

Milling is a widespread process in the aerospace industry. CNC milling produces parts from various materials, including metals, plastics, and composites. CNC milling has many applications, and it can be used to produce parts for various products.

One example of an application for CNC milling is manufacturing aircraft components. Aircraft parts are typically made from metal or composite materials, and CNC milling is a great way to produce them quickly and accurately. It’s also helpful in producing small parts that would be difficult or impossible to machine using other methods.

Used in Agriculture

Milling is a process that cuts or shapes material by rotating it around a cutting edge. This is done with a machine that is controlled by software, making it possible to produce intricate and precise parts. In agriculture, milling can make parts for everything from tractors to fertilizer machines. Here are some of the applications of CNC milling in agriculture:

Parts for tractors: Tractors need accurate parts and fit well together, which can be difficult to do using other methods. By using CNC milling, manufacturers can create parts quickly and easily, which means less time spent on repairs and more time farming.

Parts for irrigation systems: Irrigation systems use water to help plants grow. They need parts that can hold up under pressure and withstand heat, which can be challenging to make using other methods. By using CNC milling, manufacturers can create parts that are exact copies of the originals. This means less chance of mistakes and better irrigation performance for farmers.

Used in Automotive Industry

The CNC milling process is versatile in creating intricate automotive stamping parts applications. The process can be used to create parts from metal, plastic, or other materials. Some of the most common uses for CNC milling are in manufacturing car parts and accessories, motor vehicles, and aircraft components.

Some of the benefits of using a CNC milling process over other manufacturing methods include creating complex parts with detailed features, increased accuracy and repeatability, and reduced processing time. Additionally, CNC milling can create indistinguishable parts from those produced using traditional machining techniques.

Used in Medical Manufacturing

CNC milling is a very versatile process that can be used in many different industries. One of the most common applications of CNC milling parts is in the medical manufacturing industry. With CNC milling, parts can be quickly and accurately made without needing a lot of manual labour. Additionally, CNC milling can create parts that are much more accurate and consistent than those made using other techniques.

CNC Machining Design Guide

cnc machining processes

CNC Machining Processes

CNC machining usually have two typical way to process. one is CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses 3-axis milling and 5-axis indexed milling processes to cut solid plastic and metal blocks into final parts.

Another is CNC turning, with live tooling combines both lathe and mill capabilities to machine parts with cylindrical features from metal rod stock.

Why Choose Us as Your CNC Machining Suppliers?

Fast and Reliably Delivery

Iterate part designs quickly and accelerate CNC machine products development with quick-turn parts. Our engineers will help mark any difficult to machine features before your design is sent to the manufacturing department and save you from costly reworks further down the product development cycle.

Manufacturing Analysis and Online Quotes

Request a quote with your drawings, we'll analyze your products dimentionally to identify any features that may be difficult to machine such as thin walls, tall or holes that cannot be threaded.

Infinite Capacity

Eliminate downtime spent waiting for CNC components and safeguard in-house machining with on-demand relief and infinite manufacturing capacity.

Material Selection

As a leading CNC machining china factory, we stock more than 30 engineering-grade plastic and metal materials that are suitable for various metal hardware parts applications and industries. Materials range from plastics like ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, and PEEK to aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium, and copper.

China CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer

China CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer

FAQs about CNC Machining Parts


What are the advantages of CNC machining?

Product designers and engineers choose CNC machining to rapidly produce prototypes and production parts. The manufacturing technology offers a high level of precision, engineering-grade materials, quick-turn lead times.


What materials can Atlas metal work with?

In order to remain as one of leading CNC machining companies in China, we have always had to have flexibility to provide our clients with great customer service. The metal materials we can alter include steel, aluminum, bronze, copper, zinc, iron, brass and more. The non-metal materials we alter are polycarbonate, fiberglass, carbon fiber, nylon and much more.


What is the standard tolerances for CNC Machining?

Our CNC experts consider +/- .005 is absolutely achievable. Past those specs it depends on the size of the parts, material and on the machine. In some cases +/- .0002 is possible with the high-quality equipment we have in our machine shop. To find out exactly what you need, contact our offices today with your requirements.


What is the maximum size of CNC components for CNC machining?

Maximum size of part will vary bassed on the material you selected. Our largest part size offered is 400mm*328mm*286mm. 

What is CNC Machining?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling and machining is a process in which high tech software creates parts or components for manufacturing. These parts tend to be more accurate and of higher quality than if they were produced using other manufacturing methods. As a result, CNC machined parts are used in industries which rely on absolute accuracy, including aerospace and firearm production. The CNC machines used by Atlas metal are capable of delivering smaller, delicate components.

CNC is an extremely difficult process beginning with the initial design phase. Computer code is translated into electrical signals for the machine’s controls, telling it where and how to cut metal to produce the desired components. Those who operate the machines need proper training as well. Even with the computer doing the advanced calculations, a human touch is needed to ensure the final produce is produced correctly. If there is an error in the code, Atlas professional metal products manufacturer's metal technicians are able to make the necessary corrections.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC Machined Components Advantage

The main advantages of CNC machining over traditional methods are greater accuracy, more precise control, and higher efficiency. Precision-turned components milled by CNC machines are of higher quality than those from manually operated machines.

CNC Machined Components Advantage
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