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Micro Torsion Spring

With state-of-the-art equipment and advanced quality control technologies, we are able to manufacture micro springs with highly-repeatable results, meeting customer tolerance requirements while maintaining manufacturing efficiency. This allows Atlas meal to deliver the highest quality micro spring parts at low prices.


Specifications of Micro Torsion Spring

Round WireRectangular Wire (Wound on Flat)Rectangular Wire (Wound on Edge)Square Wire
Ed4T / 10.8NtDEbt3T / 6.6NtDEtb3T / 6.6NtDEd4T /6.6NtD
32M /πd36M / bt26M / tb26M / t3
DMean Coil Diameter (in. or mm)

dDiameter of Round Wire (in. or mm.)

NtNumber of Coils

EModulus of Elasticity (psi or MPa)

TDeflection, number of turns or revolutions of spring

MMoment or Torque (lbin or Nmm)

bWidth (in. or mm)

tThickness (in. or mm)

SBending Stress*, (psi or MPa)

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