Methods to Eliminate Defects in Stainless Steel Stamping Parts and Improve Production Efficiency

Stainless steel stamping parts are widely used in industries such as automotive, medical, and electronics. Stamping manufacturers are crucial in processing high-quality stamping parts. Many defects appear on the surface of the product during stamping. During the processing of stamping parts, problems such as impact lines, slip lines, collapse, dents, surface deformations, etc. may occur. External surface defects are not allowed for stamping parts. So, what are the reasons for these surface defects in stainless steel stamping parts?

Reasons for surface defects in stainless steel stamping parts:

  • Impact lines and slip lines are mainly caused by collapse and denting due to friction between materials and molds during stamping.

  • Surface deformation is mainly due to insufficient deformation of stainless steel stamping parts, small local material strain, and defects after the release of external forces.

How to eliminate these stainless steel stamping part defects?

  • To eliminate impact lines, you can increase the depth of the drawing by changing the stamping angle, and mold angle, and changing blanking surface.

  • To eliminate slip, you can change the product shape (left and right symmetry), increase resistance, etc.

  • To eliminate collapse and surface deformation, you should understand the stress gradient level generated by the component in the deformation zone and try to ensure the uniformity of plastic deformation of the product. Meanwhile, through measures such as increasing resistance and local shaping strain, etc.

With the development and application of CAE simulation technology, more and more defects are discovered in simulation. For example, the tangential displacement field obtained through forming can help understand the flow of materials, which can assist in better-solving defects that occur during the forming process of stainless steel stamped parts.

How to improve the processing and production efficiency of stainless steel stamping parts?

How to improve the production efficiency of wholesale stamping parts? Advanced equipment seems to increase the budget, but can greatly reduce the difficulty of manual techniques, thereby reducing the production cost of stamping parts and increasing overall sales. Another way is to increase talent introduction, but many places in China lack professional talents for stamping part processing and production.

In fact, the processing level of stamping parts is closely related to technicians. When strengthening equipment investment, enterprises should also pay attention to training technicians to comprehensively improve production levels. To improve the overall industrial level, it is also important to improve the production level of stamping parts. As long as the above goals are achieved, many stainless steel stamping part manufacturers can reduce costs.