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Alloy Spring

Nitinol pre-trained 2-way memory helical/coil spring expands and exerts force when heated to 60C. Once cooled to room temperature, the spring contracts on its own with substantial pulling force. The spring contracts completely at room temperature by itself. Force is exerted in both directions entropy.


Features of Alloy Spring

If immersed in hot water at or around 90°C they will open in a split second and close as quickly if dropped in cold water. Such springs have many industrial applications – e.g., in sprinkler and fire damping systems where they replace expensive single-use only fusible links.

Specifications of Alloy Spring

Product name:Nitinol spring
wire size:0.5~3mm
Spring size:customized
Af temperature range:- 20℃~100℃
Standard:ASTM F 2603

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