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Spring Barrel Compression Spring

A barrel spring is chosen by end users over a generic compression spring mainly because it may reduce space, prevent buckling, and provide a multitude of shaped configurations to better fit in any designs. At the same time, Barrel Shaped Compression Springs is a type of bulk compression springs used to produce linear force where the top and bottom outer diameter are smaller than the center outer diameter.  


Some terms associated with barrel springs include:

  • Total Coils (T/C)

  • Active Coils (A/C)

  • Free Length (FL)

  • Solid Height (LH)

  • Inner Diameter (ID)

  • Wire Diameter (WD)

  • Mean Diameter (MD)

  • Large Outer Diameter

  • Small Outer Diameter

  • Open Ends

  • Double Closed Ends

  • Closed and Ground Ends

  • Permanent Set

  • Endurance Limit

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