Introduction to Car Stamping Parts

Understanding Auto Stamping Parts

In car stamping parts, some parts become automobile components directly after stamping, while others need to undergo processings such as welding, machining, or painting before becoming automobile components. Auto stamping parts have a wide variety, such as shock absorber stamping parts, spring trays, spring seats, spring brackets, end caps, sealing caps, compression valve covers, compression valve sleeves, oil seal seats, bottom covers, dust covers, impellers, oil barrels, brackets, etc., are all types of metal stamping car parts.

Punching and Bending Processes of Auto Stamping Parts

Generally, the working cycle of the stamping machine determines the production cycle of the stamping production line. The working time of the loading and unloading mechanism and the workpiece conveying mechanism of the stamping production line should match the stamping time of the stamping machine. In order to minimize or eliminate the auxiliary time of the stamping machine and die, the loading and unloading device of the sheet and the workpiece conveying mechanism must be able to complete the entire loading and unloading and workpiece conveying tasks as soon as possible to reduce the downtime of the stamping production line.

Precise positioning of the sheet: An important issue to note in the stamping production processing of OEM metal stamping parts is the reliability of the stamping production process. Reliability refers to the trouble-free loading and unloading of the sheet on the one hand, and the feasibility of the process technology on the other hand. To achieve these, one must consider the performance of all equipment components and production components in the entire stamping production line. As the stamping machine and die usually do not become the focus of the problem, dynamic and reliable zero-positioning of components become very important.

Cold stamping of stamping parts, from a professional point of view, it refers to the use of a stamping die on a press to apply a certain pressure on the material to separate or plastic deformation it, thereby obtaining the desired finished product. And punching and bending these two processes are generally punching first and then bending for CNC punch processing. However, in some special situations, bending is done first before punching.

Stamping is generally categorized based on the process and can be roughly divided into separation process and forming process. The so-called separation process is also called punching and shearing, which aims to separate the stamping part from the sheet along a certain contour. Of course, we also have quality requirements for the separation section. The material used for pneumatic stamping parts directly affects the quality of the stamping products. Therefore, when selecting stamping materials, we must pay attention to the thickness, uniformity, and the surface of automobile components must be clean and without abrasions or cracks. The elongation factor, yield ratio, and work hardening properties also have certain requirements.