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Dual Phase Steel Custom High Quality Bending Part Wire Forming

Dual phase steels with high formability have a multiphase microstructure featuring a ferrite matrix with martensite, bainite — and a significant amount of retained austenite.


Features of Dual Phase Steel Custom High Quality Bending Part Wire Forming

  • High global and local formability, with higher elongation and higher resistance to edge cracking than conventional SS steel.

  • Stellar crash performance, with ductility left in the steel for additional energy absorption.

  • Greater design flexibility enables deep drawing of complex geometries with secondary forming.

  • Highly resistant to compression failure.

  • UHSS strength levels with improved FLD and HER performance compared to conventional SS steel.

  • 3rd Gen AHSS allows for simplified, cost-effective, cold forming of complex auto parts.

  • Very good RSW weldability, comparable to conventional SS steel grades.

  • Enables lighter, more complex BIW components — with less risk of edge cracking compared to DP.

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