Application Of Wire Forming Machine

The wire forming machine is also called the wire bending machine, and it can also be called the wire bending forming machine; the wire forming machine here refers to the mechanical equipment for the processing and forming of the metal wire. Today, let's talk to you about what type of products the wire-forming machine can produce.

Our common products of bending stainless steel wire, such as drying racks, stainless steel barbecue grill racks, stainless steel barbecue trays and shopping carts, are all produced by 2d or 3d wire rods. After the bending angle of the wire is produced, it can be welded and assembled.

Egg beater and egg setter, this type of product is a product with a large special-shaped radian wire. Manufacturers often use a Yonglian universal spring machine to produce it. This type of custom metal hardware is relatively simple. It is a one-time molding.

Special-shaped wire products and spring products, although the styles are various, they are all metal wire bending forming processes. Of course, there are many production machines.