Custom Springs Types

Compression Spring
Compression springs are open-coil helical springs with a constant coiled diameter and variable shape that resists axial compression.
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Tension Spring
Unlike compression springs, tension springs are closed coil helical springs. They are suitable for creating tension, storing the energy, and using the energy to return the spring to its original shape. A simple example of its applications is in garage doors. Others are in pull levers, jaw pliers, and weighing machines.
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Torsion Spring
A torsion spring is attached to two different components using its two ends. This keeps the two components apart at a certain angle. These springs use radial direction when force is acting radially due to rotation. What’s more, CNC machining capabilities can produce custom two-bodied torsion springs in high volumes.
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Precision Spring
Precision springs are manufactured under tight tolerances in order to obtain a more exact spring design when it comes to its physical dimensions as well as the spring’s force.
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Custom Spring
We have various spring manufacturing equipment, so we can process many times in different ways and provide various customized irregular springs.
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Micro Springs
We are one of the few micro springs suppliers that offer micro springs of the highest quality. We manufacture precision micro springs from 0.006 to 0.020 wire diameter. We guarantee the quality of our custom small springs because we have spent years perfecting the craft of precision spring making.
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Custom Extension Springs

Extension springs absorb and store energy as well as create a resistance to a pulling force. These custom made springs are normally attached at both ends to other components and when these components move apart, the spring tries to bring them back together again.

Custom Made Springs Application

  1. Compression Springs- Compression springs are the most common type of small spring. These conduct a push-back motion when compressed, and are ideal for buttons and other devices where certain force resistance is required. Some of the most common custom compression springs can be found in click pens, small lotion dispensers, and push buttons. 

  2.  Conical springs- Conical springs are a type of compression spring that is less common but quite useful. Thanks to its cone shape, it is ideal for applications with small spaces and it coils can telescope during deflection to save even more space. Conical springs can be used in electronic devices and are prominently found in battery operated items as conductors in the battery compartment.

  3. Extension Springs- Toys and medical hand held devices may have small components that are dependent on extension springs such as those with pull and return functions or retractable actions. Some washers, medical devices, and handheld farm tools also use small extension springs. 

  4. Torsion Springs- Small torsion springs for sale are not as common as compression springs but are definitely necessary for different types of devices and products. Small torsion springs are used in different applications and devices where a radial force or open-shut function is required. Hair clips are a very common item that use torsion springs, as well as clothes pins.

Custom Springs Advantages

As a leading metal products company, Atlas metal spring department provided customers worldwide with custom precision springs and metal parts. We manufacture custom made springs for a variety of industries, including aerospace, computing, electronic instruments, and medical equipment. Our strengths are concrete benefits for our customers:

Technical expertise in all consultancy matters creates innovative problem solutions.
Innovative production technology gives us the leading edge in productivity.
Innovative organizational structures and processes enable short response times and flexible service levels.

Custom Made Springs Materials

Available materials in Atlas metal:     Copper  ,   Carbon steel , Stainless steel 300 200 400, Stainless steel dulex 17-7,  Iron, Aliminium.  

Surface coating or Surface treatment can be followed after stamping.

Custom Made Springs Materials

Custom Springs Manufacturer

We manufacture the spring from the raw material, all the spring wire comes from our own parent's factory. We offeres the best spring wire in China and quality control starts from raw material, which allow us to manufacture the stable, high precision springs with a competitive price. We have confidence that all the springs can be sent for review to ensure the products meets your requests.

Custom Springs Manufacturer
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