The Main Process of Micro Shaft from Design Blueprint to Mass Deliveries

The process of customizing micro shafts in factories usually includes the following steps:

Step 1: Requirement confirmation. Customers will inform the factory of the physical properties, technical requirements, dimensions, materials, and other technical parameters of their micro shafts. Based on these parameters, the factory's technicians will provide corresponding opinions and communicate with customers to ensure the requirements.

Step 2: Design confirmation. After determining the specific parameters of the micro shaft to be produced, the factory's technicians will carry out detailed product design and confirm the manufacturing process. They will also generate relevant process drawings and product drawings, which are usually customized based on the information provided by the customer.

Step 3: Sample production. After confirming the design documents and technical requirements, the factory will start making samples. By processing samples and testing their dimensions, accuracy, hardness, surface and other technical requirements, they will verify whether the quality meets the customer's requirements. Once the quality standards of the sample are determined, the factory will also confirm the sample price.