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Shrapnel Stamping

We use inspection systems, including coordinate-measuring machines (CMM), camera vision equipment, and various control and monitoring systems to ensure we always meet the client’s requirements and comply with industry standards while maintaining tolerances.


Specifications of Shrapnel Stamping

DesigningAccording to customers' drawings and samples.
MaterialsSteel, Stainless steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, and Zinc alloy.
Surface FinishElectric plating, Sandblasting, Powder coating, Lacquer, Painting, Oxidization.
Process Flow

Stamping:shearing-blanking-punching-bending-stretching-turning up edging- trimming-moulding

Spraying: alkaline degreasing-water scrubbing-acid pickling-water scrubbing-electrolytic-degreasing-surface-conditioning-phosphate-spraying- baking-checking-packing

Plating: alkaline degreasing-water scrubbing-acid pickling-water scrubbing- electrolytic- degreasing-neutralization-plating-water-rubbing- passivating- sealing course-baking

TestingAt least 72 hours salt spray test; Thickness of plating or coating

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