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Hook Extension Springs

Extension springs store energy and exert a pulling force between two mechanisms. When mechanisms separate, the extension spring tries to bring them together again. Extension springs use round wire to create a close-wound design with initial tension.


Specifications of Hook Extension Springs

Extended Hook

DesignExtended hook extension springs have hook lengths that are typically more than 110% larger than the inner diameter of the body coils.
AdvantageProduces more force out of spring for load requirements.

Regular Hook

DesignRegular hook extension springs have hook lengths that are typically 80% smaller than the inner diameter of the body coils.
AdvantageMost economical hook design.

Swivel Extension Spring

DesignA swivel extension spring is made up of two different details. The first detail is the body coils, and the second detail is two “S” shaped loops (one for each end of the spring). The “S” shaped loops are manufactured separately and are installed inside of the body coils at each end during the final process of tapering the end body coils around one end of the “S” shape. It is the “S” shape on each end that is hidden within the end body coils and is trapped from being pulled out of the spring during use.
Advantage“S” shaped hooks are allowed to rotate, or position themselves naturally. This shape prevents any stress on the body of the coils.

Special Hook Extension Springs

DesignSpecial hook extension springs are dependent on the design or application needs.
AdvantageEndless configurations due to custom design.

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