Main Process of Customized Springs from Drawings to Large Order Quantities

The main process of customizing springs in a factory includes the following steps: production and delivery from drawings, samples to mass production.

Step 1: Customers provide drawings or samples and provide product requirements to the factory. Customers need to provide detailed product specifications and requirements, including materials, elastic shape, outer diameter, inner diameter, wire diameter, number of roots, etc.

Step 2: The factory conducts a preliminary evaluation. Engineers or sales staff will conduct a preliminary evaluation based on the information provided by the customer and answer customer questions, provide product technical consulting.

Step 3: Produce samples. According to customer needs, the engineer will make samples and provide sample confirmation services. Customers can check and compare the details based on actual use and confirm the factory's production capacity, quality standards and expectations on site.

Step 4: Customer confirmation of samples. After the customer receives the sample, careful inspection is required. If it meets the requirements, the customer can confirm the production order and pay the deposit. If improvements or modifications are required, the customer can communicate further with the engineer or sales staff.

Step 5: Production of mass production. The factory starts to produce large quantities of custom springs according to the confirmed orders and drawings. The production process should be carried out in accordance with the order and standard production process, with strict quality control and supervision.

Step 6: Quality inspection. During the production of mass production by the factory, strict quality inspections are required to ensure that the products meet standards and requirements. The factory should periodically inspect and test the products at various stages, including spot checks and full inspection, to ensure compliance with various requirements.

Step 7: Delivery. After production is completed, the factory will package and handle the product logistics before delivering the product to the customer's designated address.

The above is the main process of customizing springs in a factory. During the production process, customers should maintain real-time communication and communication with the factory to ensure that the product meets their own requirements and expectations. At the same time, the factory should strengthen the management and control of the entire production process to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality and production time.